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Collected Papers

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Papers of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, 1504- present day (RCSEd)

Society of Barbers, 1722-1922 (SB)

The Extramural School of Medicine of the Royal Colleges, 1855-1985 (SOM)

Royal Odonto-Chirurgical Society of Scotland, 1844-2011 (ROCS)

Lothian Surgical Audit, 1946-2014 (LSA)

Item Number Item Description
GD1 John Robert Hume, MD, LRCP, FRCP, DCL, CB; 1800-60
GD2 John Smith MD, FRCSEd; 1840-92
GD3 Charles Alfred Ernest Sheaf, FRCSEd; 1882-4
GD4 Sir John Struthers, 1823-99
GD5 Joseph Lister
GD6 Odonto Chirurgical Society, 1867-1973
GD7 Papers of George Mackay, MB, CM, MRCS, FRCSEd, 1919-21
GD8 William James Stuart, FRCSEd, 1938-58
GD9 Medicine General Inspecteur Celestin Sieur, 1954-55
GD10 Professor John Chiene, 1870-1908
GD11 James Duncan, 1810-1866
GD12 Sir Walter Mercer, MB, FRCSEd, FRS, 1895-1958
GD13 James Methuen Graham FRCSEd; 1861-62, 1899-1954
GD14 Sir Henry Wade, DSO, CMG, 1899-1951
GD15 Dr Douglas Guthrie FRCSEd
GD16 Joseph Bell (1837-1911) FRCSEd
GD17 Sir John Bruce FRCSEd
GD18 Thomas Jaffrey McNair FRCSEd, 1927-1994
GD19 Professor Sir Michael Woodruff, 1911-2001
GD20 Robert Charles Scott Dow LRCPEd LRCSEd LRFPSGlas, 1920
GD21 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1859-1930
GD22 John Boyes FRCSEd, FDS RCSEd
GD23 Littlejohn, Henry H. and Henry D.
GD24 Edith Kate Dawson
GD25 James Miller, FRCSEd: autograph book
GD26 Sir David P. D. Wilkie
GD27 Surgeons' Lives
GD28 Sir James Learmonth
GD29 Thomas Goldie Scot, 1820-1874
GD30 Professor Dugald L. Gardner
GD31 Scottish Women’s Hospital for Foreign Service
GD32 William Alistair D’Arcy Adamson FRCSEd 1931, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh group photographs 1920s
GD33 James H. T. Smith
GD34 Kofi Annan
GD35 Certificate of A. Dunlop, signed 1825 by Charles Bell
GD36 Letter regarding RCSEd Museum from Charles Bell, 1826.
GD37 Letter from John Bell c.1814
GD38 McCormack: R J M McCormack FRCSEd 1948
GD39 Douglas L Savill FRCSEd
GD40 Dickson: Peter S Dickson and Lillie S Dickson (or Dummer)
GD41 William M. McQuillan FRCSEd
GD42 James Alexander Ross MBE PPRCSEd
GD43 Album, letters and medals of Dr Elsie Inglis LRCSEd
GD44 Donald Herron Young FRCSEd
GD45 Album of original drawings for Caird and Cathcart's 'A Surgical Handbook'
GD46 George Smith class cards
GD47 Andrew Simson: 1818 RCSEd Licentiate Diploma
GD48 Letters of JL Levison 1820s to 1840s Phrenological
GD49 Edinburgh Orthopaedic Circle Minutes book 1947 to 1977
GD50 Travelling Surgical Society of GB and Ireland
GD52 Harkins translation of College Records 1581 to 1708
GD53 Photograph of Gertrude Herzfeld (1890-1981)
GD54 Certificate of William Kinmonth
GD55 William Laidlaw Purves LRCSEd
GD56 Ion Simson Hall FRCSEd 1926, ENT surgeon
GD57 The Rachel Hedderwick Littlejohn collection
GD58 The Dr James MacLean Graham Ritchie collection
GD59 George Wilson, 1833
GD60 Robert Paterson LRCSEd 1835
GD61 Robert Knox FRCSEd 1825
GD62 Museum transfers 2009
GD63 John Kirk
GD64 Dugald Lindsay Gardner FRCSEd 1990
GD65 David Cowan Dunlop FRCSEd 1935
GD66 David Milne album
GD67 Edward N Jamieson 1930s films
GD68 Edinburgh Orthopaedic surgeons 1975
GD69 Annandale Gold Medal in Clinical Surgery 1941
GD70 Benjamin Bell (1749-1806)
GD71 Samuel Edgar MD LRCSEd 1831
GD72 Robertson Twentyman Lightfoot
GD73 Dr R L Lawrie LRCSEd LRCPEd LFPSGlasg
GD74 Scottish Society of the History of Medicine
GD75 Sir William Fergusson
GD 76 R. S. Garden
GD 77 F. T. Travers
GD 78 Dr James Havard Jones
GD 79 Class photographs
GD 80 Royal Hospital for Sick Children case notes
GD 81 Thomas Hume
GD 82 Bell Family Archive
GD 83 Theodore Tuller Collection